Bahari Deco Crafts

Kanga and Kitenge Fashion Accessories


Bahari Deco Crafts (BDC) is a socially conscious business that specializes in personal accessories and home goods using traditional Eastern African fabric called Kanga and Kitenge.¬†Based in DC, BDC products are produced by Tanzanian seamstresses with occasional support from seamstresses in the DC area. Maryam Katongo is BDC’s lead designer and coordinates the overall production process.

Kanga and Kitenge fabric is known for its bright colors and eye-catching designs, as you can tell by looking at BDC products. The fabric represents an important part of East African culture. Most Kanga and Kitenge have an inscription in Swahili, which usually takes the form of riddles, metaphors, poetic phrases, or proverbs. Over the years, Kanga and Kitenge have become an important medium of expressing personal, political, social and religious ideas.

If you have any questions, you can reach BDC at